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Benefits of Regular Dog Grooming

Reduces Odour

Some dogs, usually short haired breeds like my own, don’t need clipping or trimming. A regular bath every few months, freshens them up and keeps them smelling nice. I am sure they appreciate it too.

Helps maintain a healthy coat

Brushing is beneficial for all kinds of dogs no matter what breed they are, helping to remove dead hair, dirt, and dandruff. Regular brushing also helps to bring out the natural oils in your dog’s coat and reduce skin complaints.

Creates a bond

Taking time out your busy schedule to sit quietly with your dog can be a great stress reliever. The methodical nature of brushing your dog, not only strengthens the bond, but relaxes you as well.

Prevents the coat from matting

Some dog’s coats can become tangled and matted, especially in the ears, armpits, and groin area. These are uncomfortable for your dog and it is kinder to your dog to clip matts out.

Helps remove grass seeds and thorns

Whilst walking our dogs, seeds, thorns and sticky buds can get caught in their coats and in extreme cases, if left, can become embedded into the skin causing inflammation and infection.

Excellent opportunity for health checks

Grooming your dog is an ideal opportunity to check for abnormalities including skin problems, ticks and fleas. Also issues with nails, teeth, gums, eyes and ears such as inflammation or soreness. You will be able to feel for any lumps and bumps that may have grown and discuss with your vet at the earliest opportunity. If you are worried about any changes to your dog’s health you should seek veterinary advice.